Garfield P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/26/23
Excelente from start to finish.

Mabel A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/21/23
Dr. Babalola removed the screws in my feet, cleaned up the scars and now my feet look like normal feet! Thank you Dr. Babalola!!

Dannette P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/07/23
Dr B is the absolute best! She does her job with care for her patients and expertise in her field! Most importantly she listens to her patients so you feel valued!

Ruby A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/06/23
Dr. Babalola was super attentive and informative, and made sure to explain my treatment process so I could understand what was going on.

Jean L.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/23/23
Very pleasant & attentive

Dannette P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/01/23
Dr Babalola is the best! She’s warm, professional and LISTENS to you with a great bedside manner! After your visit you feel confident that Dr B will help resolve your issue!

Jamila G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/03/23
Dr. Babalola was a great listener. She answered all of my questions. She was very knowledgeable about my condition. She gave me options and that is always comforting to me as a patient.

Darda D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/22/23
I had a pleasant visit with Dr. Babalola. She is knowledgeable and confident in her specialty. I would highly recommend her for all your foot care needs.

Vibert S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/08/23
My experience with Dr. Babalola was great

Rhona R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/05/23
Dr Babalila is an excellent Physician this was my first visit I would definitely recommend her. R. Russell

Susan N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/20/23
Dr. Babalola, was very patient with me, she explained everything I will go through during my surgery as well as my recovery. My surgery area is healing well. I will recommend her to anyone who is experiencing foot pain. She is very knowledgeable.

Suamee H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/17/23
I loved my experience and would definitely recommend. I finally have an answer to my feet pain

Christopher B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/10/23
Very good service from staff and Doctor. Doctor was knowledgeable and personable.

Oluwayemisi K.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/08/23
Nice reception, well attended to. The receptionist was friendly. Very neat environment. Dr. Babalola has a good professional etiquette. She is cool calm and caring. She gives a good explanation of my case and gives me room to ask questions. Communication with the doctor after my visit was easy and smooth. She worked with me to ensure I got the care I needed.

Mabel A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/21/23
The doctor and her assistant are very friendly and professional. I felt at ease and confident knowing that I was in good hands.

5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/19/23
Perfect bedside manner

Yaa A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/11/23
Great office visit and doctor listens to your complaints and does thorough assessment. Highly recommend. ✨️

Shanna A.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/23
Professional, direct but compassionate, honest and hopeful.

David A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/29/23
Very thoughtful and helpful

Olugboyega O.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/22/23
True definition of how a genuine medical care professional should be

Nicole M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/09/23
Wonderful doctor and staff

Timothy Q.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/06/23
Dr. Babalola was wonderful. No wait. Got a same day appointment so that I could continue my NYC touring without my ingrown toenail making walking miserable. In about 20 minutes she had me walking out the door with little to no discomfort. As a diabetic, I am very careful with any foot issues. Dr. Babalola saved my trip. Highly recommend.

Giselle R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/14/23
Dr. Babalola is absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough, her bedside manner is by far the best. She knows what she is doing, is patient, will answer questions and the results from her care have been the best. Highly recommend.

Marc-antoine N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/19/23
Dr Babalola is simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Expertise, Professional, Thorough and detail oriented, Generous with her time, Great communication skills: listening and talking, Respectful, Patient, and Great bed manners, Honest with a fair and accurate diagnosis, Wait time little to none. Dr Babalola is Out-of-Network for us, but we always choose her. Thank you Dr Babalola for the 6 injuries you cured. For each injury, our experience was beyond expectations, you took care of us the best way you mastered how. Thank you! Thank you!

Debra T.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/08/23
Highly professional and very caring.

Brentford B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/15/22
Great bedside manner and care

Jepthahlin S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/05/22
Dr Babalola is very professional and an awesome doctor. She did my surgery about 5 years ago no problems since. I have recommended her to other and they all agreed. Best Experience ever I love that she uses surgery as a last resort but when needed, she the one to provide it The Best J Scott

Jacqueline N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/01/22
What a great experience. Dr. Babalola is an excellent podiatrist. I would highly recommend her to family and colleagues. After experiencing chronic foot pain for many years, the pain experienced for the past month was worse than I have ever felt and I needed relief. I googled podiatrist near me, read the reviews and scheduled an appointment with her immediately. Xrays were taken, an explanation to why was explained, Doc shaved down the corn and it was good that evening. The following morning, while walking the pain was back, I later called the office and scheduled surgery. Had I known the solution was to remove the corns, I would have done so many years ago. Thank you, Dr. Adejoke Babalola.

Jenny D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/24/22
Dr. Babalola is a through, knowledgeable and caring provider. She cared for my fracture, I am all healed up now 🙂

Wayne S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/13/22
Always a great experience seeing Dr. Babalola. She has great bed-side manners. Takes time to diagnose and explain issues. I have been working with her for 6 plus years. She is great at what she does and more. Go see her, you will not be disappointed!

Joann R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/23/22
Love the detail explanation of my condition and the opportunity to ask questions never felt rush out . Receptionist was friendly and informative too

Seanette M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/14/22
Professional, great bed side manner . Clean office space

Seanette M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/15/22
Professional great bed side manners , knowledgeable!! Clean facilities

Amanda A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/04/22
Dr. BAbalola was very attentive, professional and warm. Would like to continue care with her.

Jefferson N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/30/22
Quick fast and professional

Tyrone I.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/19/22
The office staff as well as Dr Babalola was very professional. Dr Babalola had a pleasant bedside manner when speaking to me and offered treatment options for my problem.

Sharon H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/15/22
I was able to get an appointment instantly, the office wait was not that long. Nice clean office, building & community. The doctor was nice & very pretty outfit

Daphne A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/29/22
Dr. B is truly a professional in every sense of the the word. Her staff and office setting as well. I recently had surgery which was a super success. Let’s talk about the best after care treatment post surgery. Dr. B makes sure she covers all your concerns, describes what will happen during and post surgery and makes you feel totally at ease. It’s the kind of relationship you want with your Doctor. There isn’t a question she won’t answer or explain in depth so that you fully understand your issue, treatment and your healing process. I would recommend her for sure.

Troy S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/08/22
Once again quality service. I truly enjoy the flexibility they extend due to my personal/professional schedule dynamics.

Alvina W.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/27/22
Very attentive deeply cared about my pain gave me different alternatives highly recommended

Jeannine E.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/14/22
My experience was knowledgeable. My questions were answered and the visit was pleasant.

Jan H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/13/22
Informative and comprehensive

Luz C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/27/22
Dr. Babalola is great.

Yaa A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/20/22
My experience and journey has been an exceptional one, Dr. Babalola explained thoroughly and walked me through every detail of what my procedures would entail. She has great bedside manner and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dr.Babalola.

Jacqueline A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/14/22
She is quite knowledgeable and informative

Jacqueline B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/13/22
Going to Dr. Babalola’s office is one of the doctor’s visit that I look forward to. She is just genuinely nice and her fashion sense is fabulous. My visits are greatly anticipated. ☺️

Diedra K.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/10/22
Dr. Babalola is knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to answer your questions and explain her approach.

Trina A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/02/22
I had a great Experience Dr Babalola is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.

Barry B.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/28/22
Caring and advanced professionalism

Aisha M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/27/22
Great experience and very pleased with my results although I’m still in the healing phase. She’s responsive to your needs, questions & concerns. Book her!

Binta H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/26/22
I had bunions and Dr. Babalola did an exceptional job explaining what my options are. She took the time to understand my needs and she fixed my bunions. I am currently under recovery and healing nicely!

Kenard B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/23/20
Informative visit, always making sure patient is aware of procedures taking place.

Efrain C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/06/19
My visit today was very warming and informative about my condition, I hope to visit again. *****

Sherilyn J.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/07/19
Dr. B is AWESOME!! She is very attentive, patient, caring, knowledgeable and pleasant. I am so happy I found her because I couldn’t have asked for a better podiatrist.

Christina W.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/04/18
Thoughtful and comprehensive. Took the time to understand my issue and concerns.

Victor G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/30/17
Office was clean and the receptionist very nice and helpful. Dr.B was very knowledgeable and pleasant. I have already recommended her to someone else.

Dwayne C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/27/17
Dr. Babaloa was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She was able to convey technical information without dumbing it down.